According to a recent Zagat Survey , 57% of participants cited service as the weakest link in the dining-out experience, and “hospitality” of the overall dining experience as a 20 out of a possible 30. Although both these figures represent an improvement over previous... continue reading

Greetings! For many U.S. operators, June marks the start of a whole new season, not just from the point of view of food and the menu but also operationally. Perhaps you have a patio that’s opening and a lunch trade that’s starting to pick up, or your customer base is moving... continue reading

Still think vegetarianism is a fringe movement? Think again. The news that the Meatless Monday program now has a remarkable 50% awareness among Americans—up from 30% just six months ago—is ample proof that vegetarian menu options will be growing in demand. In the latest... continue reading

During recent eating expeditions I’ve noticed the ingredient yuzu has been showing up on more menus than Sarah Palin on a bus tour. So what exactly is a yuzu? What the lime is to Mexico the yuzu is to Japan: an East Asian versatile citrus whose bumpy rind (similar to... continue reading