Chef Tal Ronnen will be visiting the San Francisco and Palo Alto communities next week on Wednesday, August 3, through Friday, August 5. He also wants to talk to YOU, so join us for our next LOVE YOUR FOOD EVERYDAY Chat on Facebook & Twitter: Thursday, August 4, 2011... continue reading

By Joan Lang As part of my food writer existence I track new restaurant openings obsessively, and lately I’ve been noticing more steakhouses. It’s a sign both of hopefulness in the economy and of Americans’ newly reminted interest in meat, especially pork, beef and other... continue reading

Greetings! With this month’s newsletter, we’re especially excited to share news of one of our latest and most interesting projects yet, LYFE Kitchen. Synergy Consultants was asked by the founders of this new healthy, socially conscious restaurant concept to build the organizational... continue reading

When you think of devouring your burger, you’re likely picturing sinking your teeth into a juicy all-beef pattie with all the fixings. You probably have scoffed at the thought of vegetarian or tofu burgers. However, the stereotype of bland, cardboard tasting fake meat... continue reading