Fatz Restaurants, the 48 location chain serving up delicious American food across the nation, is preparing to get an interior makeover in all of their locations. According the the Restaurant Management article, Facelift For Fatz, the goal of the redesign is to bring a... continue reading

Greetings! The completion of Synergy’s project to redesign the kitchen and bar of a T.G.I. Friday’s in Nashville has the whole team celebrating-and thinking about how important it is for any operation to keep things fresh for long-term success. The switch to an open kitchen... continue reading

Starting Sunday, August 19, the Cooking Channel celebrates one of the world’s most beloved foods — sandwiches! We wanted to take this opportunity to commemorate famous sandwiches and the restaurants where they are made. Have you tried any of these sandwiches?... continue reading

If you’ve ever gone to a grocery store, you may have noticed on packages of meat, the word, “halal.” If you’re not of the Islamic faith or not acquainted with it, you may wonder what does halal mean?   Halal food is the type of food that followers... continue reading