Greetings! It’s hard to say whether the House of Representative’s recent passage of H.R. 2575 “Save American Workers Act,” which changes the definition of a full-time workweek from 30 hours to the more traditional 40 hours, is really that much of a victory for the... continue reading

20 April

Toppers Pizza is Growing Fast

Synergy Restaurant Consultants | Blog

Did you hear the news? Toppers Pizza has announced it has opened up a record number of locations! In fact, they have doubled their total number of stores in just three years. There are over 56 store locations in 10 states and the chain projects to have 100 stores by early... continue reading

Have you noticed it is getting more expensive to eat out?  Recently, many restaurants have raising their prices in an effort to protect themselves from soaring food costs.  Whether it is the avocado shortage in California or the shrimp disease in southeast Asia, these events... continue reading

Last year, bars and restaurants experienced a 1.3% decrease in alcoholic beverage sales, according to a recent report from Technomic. Unfortunately, this downward trend has continued into 2014 with a 3-4% decrease nationally, a result of the harsh weather that has afflicted... continue reading