Greetings! A quick glance at our Facebook page will give you just a hint of the exciting projects we’ve been working on here at Synergy: contemporary deli discoveries, artisanal bakeries, rebranding initiatives, beverage upgrades, a quick trip to New York City for the opening... continue reading

Grilling season is in full swing! So, the million dollar question is: what’s the key to cooking a great hamburger?  Back away from the grill. Interestingly, many of the nation’s best chefs and hamburger purveyors (Shake Shack, Five Guys, Smashburger) suggest cooking burgers... continue reading

Urban farming is reaching new heights across North America, but these days, some folks are getting more creative. Lufa, a new rooftop greenhouse in Montreal, has over 31,000 acres of farm area and can provide enough veggies for over 9,000 people that work, shop, and live below.... continue reading

  These days, chefs and home cooks alike have umami on their minds. Known as the “fifth taste,” the term umami is predominantly described as a savory flavor. Are you looking for a way to enhance your dishes with that savory, delicious taste that guests crave?... continue reading