3 October

Where’s the disconnect?

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Marketing and Branding – An ongoing blog by Randy Lopez Yesterday I went to a Starbucks for my morning caffeine-load and went through my usual ordering sequence (honed from years of practice) and waited for my coffee to be prepared. Nothing unusual. Just another routine... continue reading

21 September
Restaurant Branding

You may have heard the term, “rebranding” used a lot in business, but the motives behind rebranding are not simple or straightforward. So what exactly is rebranding and why would anyone want to do it, especially after implementing a carefully thought-out business plan... continue reading

5 August

Vegan and Vegetarian Menu Ideas

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Vegan and vegetarian menus

These days more and more people are interested in living a vegetarian or a vegan lifestyle. Sometimes people may identify as being a pescatarian; one who eats only fish. Others may opt for a semi-vegetarian diet and choose to only occasionally eat meat. In other cases, a vegetarian... continue reading

10 July

The Social Eating Movement

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Social eating

When you plan an outing with friends, it’s safe to say that most of the time, a restaurant is involved. A nice little café or dessert spot may do the trick if a full meal is too heavy. Socializing around food is perhaps one of the quintessential communal activities in recorded... continue reading

21 June

Who Owns Your Brand?

Synergy Restaurant Consultants | Blog, Restaurant Marketing
Restaurant Branding Guidelines

Marketing and Branding – An ongoing blog by Randy Lopez Who owns your brand? OK, I’ll save you time and give you the answer at the beginning: EVERYONE. I still come across restaurant concepts that don’t understand this simple fact. I’ve met start-up brands and... continue reading

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