21 April

Get Ready for Higher Minimum Wages

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Make no mistake; higher statewide minimum wages are happening, first in California and New York, and surely in other states as well. Many larger cities, including Los Angeles and Seattle, have already enacted laws that would phase in $15 per hour rates over the coming years.... continue reading

13 April

The enticing, elemental aroma of steaks cooking on a wood fire. Plump, juicy chickens revolving on a rotisserie. Delicious pizza, baking to perfect crispness in a stone hearth oven. All of it in full view of the customer.   This is the allure of artisan cooking platforms.... continue reading

22 December

The Control of Heat

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Remember when chipotle chiles were the next big thing, then Sriracha? Now hot and spicy flavors and ingredients are a permanent part of the American pantry and have become entrenched in every segment of foodservice. They’re not just a trend, they’re a fact of life.  ... continue reading

22 December

Food: The New Paradigm

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You know the old saying, “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile.” Well, it’s not your father’s restaurant industry either. Arguably, it’s not even his food.   Think about it: Not so long ago, a guest might go into a restaurant, order a steak, a baked potato... continue reading

22 December

Five Great Ways to Stay Relevant

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By Randy Lopez Marketing and Branding Strategy   Stay relevant. It’s a common phrase in the news, in articles like “How to Stay Relevant in the Rapidly Changing World of Work,” “How to Stay Relevant in an Age of Disruption,” “Millennials and Staying Relevant”... continue reading

24 November

Global Flavors: Peruvian

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Part of a series of explorations into emerging global cuisine concepts for mainstream menus.   One of the world’s original fusion cuisines, the modern-day food of Peru includes influences from the indigenous population including the Inca, and cuisines brought in with... continue reading

28 October

Sexual Harassment

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By Brian McDonough, Human Resources and Compliance, Synergy Restaurant Consultants   Most employees don’t complain until they are harmed, but once they believe that they have been harassed, they look around for others who have had similar experiences.   Susan, a current... continue reading

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