21 September
Restaurant Branding

You may have heard the term, “rebranding” used a lot in business, but the motives behind rebranding are not simple or straightforward. So what exactly is rebranding and why would anyone want to do it, especially after implementing a carefully thought-out business plan... continue reading

11 October

Brands give consumers familiarity and comfort. They lend reassurance and a kind of guarantee that allows people to place faith in their purchases. When shopping around at the grocery store or even making dining choices at a restaurant, consumers like to look for brands they’ve... continue reading

Greetings! We’ve been busier than ever at Synergy, a sure sign that the economy is continuing its slow-but-steady recovery. We recently did a dine-around and discovery trip to Manhattan to sample specialty sandwiches and coffee shops, researching ideas for a new client based... continue reading

  The world’s largest convenience store chain is changing its approach.  Commonly associated with hot dogs, Big Gulps, and Slurpees, 7-Eleven is looking to promote its healthy side.  This rebrand is in an effort to gain the attention of a new target market focusing... continue reading

Greetings! For many of us, the events of the past month have been challenging, to say the least. We sincerely hope that those of you who were in or affected by the path of Hurricane Sandy and the “Plan B” Nor’easter that followed it have some lucky stars to thank-or... continue reading

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