Restaurant Branding and Marketing

  “I don’t have time to market my business (or the money).” When I speak with clients, 9 out of 10 times I hear the same thing. Small chains and start-ups don’t have the benefit of having a marketing department, and those that do, often wait for the “field marketing team” to step in and … Continue reading Marketing and Branding – An ongoing blog by Randy Lopez


  I had wonderful time this year at the International Pizza Expo. It was amazing to try pies from different pizza artists and speak with genuinely pizza-passionate restaurant owners. During my time at the expo, I had the pleasure of presenting to attendees during my session on, “Controlling Food and Labor Costs in a Pizzeria.” … Continue reading Controlling Food and Labor Costs in a Pizzeria

Hot toddy

Some kitchen gadgets only serve one purpose—an avocado slicer, can opener, a coffee maker. Well, actually, the French press can do more than make great coffee. Instead of indulging some mimosas this Sunday during your brunch, you can try a hot toddy, à la your new multi-purpose French press.   At Moneygun in Chicago, mixologists … Continue reading Elevate Your Breakfast and Brunch with an Easy Hot Toddy

23 February

Cheesing it Up

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There are just some foods that always stay at the top of our “comfort food” list. Yes, we’re talking about cheese–it can be warm, it can be cold, sweet or savory, yet always delicious in all forms. It is quite hard to find those who dislike this versatile, delicious ingredient. While comfort dishes like mac’ … Continue reading Cheesing it Up

13 February

Hot Food Trend 2017: Ethnic Spices

Synergy Restaurant Consultants | Blog, food trends
ethnic spices

International flavors are what’s hot all across the country on every menu you see. African flavors are perhaps the most popular of them all, with Middle Eastern flavors following closely behind.   When surveyed, professional chefs stated that African, Latin American, Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean flavors were the biggest influences for menus this … Continue reading Hot Food Trend 2017: Ethnic Spices

Gourmet Kids Meals

For the last decade, parents have begun to really demand a change in the kinds of meals available to their children. Where we once saw limited options that usually contained fries, a burger, soft drink and a cheap toy, we’re now seeing more options for healthful choices as well as items that are seen as … Continue reading Hot Food Trend 2017: Gourmet Items in Kids’ Meals

Artisan Ice Cream

America’s love affair with ice cream continues to burn hotter than ever. It’s always been a popular treat for children and adults and is a relatively easy to please menu item to add to a dessert section. But in the ever-evolving culinary scene, offering simply chocolate or vanilla scoops of ice cream isn’t going to … Continue reading Hot Food Trend 2017: House-made/Artisan Ice Cream

Heirloom produce

  Everyone has heard of heirloom tomatoes, but now heirloom everything is sprouting up in the mainstream. Chefs are loving these simple, earthy ingredients. Heirloom has such a nice ring to it, especially when you include it in the description of a dish with heirloom vegetables.   When a fruit or vegetable is called “heirloom,” … Continue reading Hot Food Trend 2017: Heirloom Fruits and Vegetables

20 January
Healthy Kids Meals

Healthier food options have been trending in recent years and don’t seem to be standing still. This trend is steadily on the rise every year. What is remarkable now though is that children are becoming a part of this trend. We’re seeing kids’ meals getting healthy makeovers everywhere from McDonald’s to more upscale venues.   … Continue reading Hot Food Trend 2017: Healthful Kids’ Meals

Scorched herbs

First it was chipotle. Then sriracha. And now it seems one of the most popular flavors to shake up the culinary game is the smoky flavor. All over, we’re seeing the addition of smoky tastes in food and beverages alike.   While smoking may be out of style as a fad for people, smoking for … Continue reading Scorched Herbs Add ‘Wow’ Factor to Culinary World

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