10 July

The Social Eating Movement

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Social eating

When you plan an outing with friends, it’s safe to say that most of the time, a restaurant is involved. A nice little café or dessert spot may do the trick if a full meal is too heavy. Socializing around food is perhaps one of the quintessential communal activities in recorded history. Some even spend … Continue reading The Social Eating Movement

hamburger patties

  “Where’s the beef?” You may have remembered this line from the famous 1984 Wendy’s commercial, where a perplexed, older woman exclaims her discontent over her small hamburger patty. Fast forward some 30 plus years later and the same sentiment still rings true for consumers today—no one likes a small patty! But what if I … Continue reading Yes, Reduced-Beef Burgers are a Thing

21 June

Who Owns Your Brand?

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Restaurant Branding Guidelines

Marketing and Branding – An ongoing blog by Randy Lopez Who owns your brand? OK, I’ll save you time and give you the answer at the beginning: EVERYONE. I still come across restaurant concepts that don’t understand this simple fact. I’ve met start-up brands and even large national brands that think the marketing department or … Continue reading Who Owns Your Brand?

Firehouse Subs

We are always excited and pleased to find great news regarding clients we’ve worked with. Restaurant Business, a leading foodservice media brand, has recently dubbed Firehouse Subs as the number one sandwich chain for craveable sandwiches. They are our client and we are very proud to have been chosen as their culinary and operations partner. There is a certain … Continue reading Firehouse Subs Earns Top Recognition Once Again

CIA Worlds of Flavor

The Culinary Institute of America just wrapped up their 19th annual Worlds of Flavor® conference and festival, World Flavors: Casual by Design. The highly anticipated event featured culinary experts and renowned chefs from around the globe sharing delicious food and insights with hundreds of attendees. (Fun fact: Did you know that the founders of Synergy … Continue reading Highlights from CIA’s Worlds of Flavor Conference

Restaurant Branding and Marketing

  “I don’t have time to market my business (or the money).” When I speak with clients, 9 out of 10 times I hear the same thing. Small chains and start-ups don’t have the benefit of having a marketing department, and those that do, often wait for the “field marketing team” to step in and … Continue reading Marketing and Branding – An ongoing blog by Randy Lopez


  I had wonderful time this year at the International Pizza Expo. It was amazing to try pies from different pizza artists and speak with genuinely pizza-passionate restaurant owners. During my time at the expo, I had the pleasure of presenting to attendees during my session on, “Controlling Food and Labor Costs in a Pizzeria.” … Continue reading Controlling Food and Labor Costs in a Pizzeria

Hot toddy

Some kitchen gadgets only serve one purpose—an avocado slicer, can opener, a coffee maker. Well, actually, the French press can do more than make great coffee. Instead of indulging some mimosas this Sunday during your brunch, you can try a hot toddy, à la your new multi-purpose French press.   At Moneygun in Chicago, mixologists … Continue reading Elevate Your Breakfast and Brunch with an Easy Hot Toddy

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